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Log on! Log off!


We are all naturally curious and want to get outside to play, explore and learn about our world.

My goal is to get you outdoors learning and exploring so you can make deep connections with Nature, experience different cultures, learn from diverse communities and Connect with People and the Planet.



To do this we must learn to Walk Between The Worlds and break through the cracker thin veneer that separates us from each other and alienates us from the Natural world.

When we leave the comforts of familiar surroundings and embark on adventures to explore, learn and play our horizons expand and we truly begin to understand who we are and our relationship with the world around us.

Walking Between The Worlds that Connect People and Planet makes our lives more meaningful and much richer.

This is how we grow and learn.

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11 Responses to About

  1. nabla765Julia

    Good luck with your web site Kenny! It’s really nice and interesting! I’m one of AJ Hoge’s students and I think you are a really nice guy as all AJ’s friends are! Haha… I love Thailand, maybe one day I’ll have the oppurtunity to visit it!
    Julia from Italy

  2. theearthmattersasia

    THANKS Julia! I hope you get to visit Thailand some day!
    take care,

  3. Julia

    Wow Kenny! You answered to me! 😀 Yeah! I’m so happy! Today is my lucky day 😉 If I’ll ever have the possibility to come to Thailand I’d like to meet you and tell you that you are really a great person! Go on with your site! It’s really super nice!
    Julia from Italy

  4. Neal Murphy

    This site looks fabulous, Kenny! Let’s get together soon.

  5. Brent Fullerton

    Great to see your talents complimenting this new website. I will be sure to visit. Keep up the great work, Peavy.

    • theearthmattersasia

      THANKS Brent! Hope you’re enjoying the new locale… will look forward to seeing ya in SE Asia again sometime!

      take care,

  6. Rosana Ng

    Hey Kenny, great website, very resourceful and so much to read, real exciting stuffs too. Love the free downloads. Congrats to this new website and all the best……great job!
    Rosana from Institute for Humane Education 🙂

    • theearthmattersasia

      Hey Rosana!

      THANKS so much for the great comment.. I hope you find everything useful! I hope we can meet sometime and maybe work together soon!

      take care,

  7. Chanreaksmey So

    Kenny is such a great guy to work with. We were so glad to have him as our guide during our trekking in East Bali. He is a very fun and down to Earth guy who made our trip so enjoyable and also allow us to see the world and the lives people choose to live in a whole new angle.

    Can’t wait to go to Bali again sometime soon. We highly recommend earthmatters if you want to see the real Bali and your trip memory to be very meaningful .

  8. Radu

    Thank you Kenny for guiding us through our Bali adventure. It was was an stunning and memorable experience which showed us Bali form the other side. Good luck for your future projects. All the best!

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