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Buy A Book, Support A Village!

Posted by on May 17, 2016

How does it work?

Buy a copy of one of Kenny’s books he’ll donate a portion of the profits from sales to the organizations below**.

Funds Kenny donates will be used for community education, social and environmental sustainability projects in the Southeast Asian Region!

**Please note I can only track sales if you purchase an original version of the books on, Google Play or other direct online sources.  If you purchase a used copy I cannot track sales through 3rd parties and will not be able to contribute funds from sales of that type.

CLICK the images below to Buy A Book, Support A Village!

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CLICK the images above to Buy A Book, Support A Village!


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What are the benefits?


  • Empowering women in local communities in Southeast Asia

  • Promoting literacy

  • Highlighting conservation & sustainability issues in SE Asia

  • Raising funds for community action projects


Who is involved?



Serina, Shalan & Kelab Alami–  Kelab Alami began as an environmental club for the youth of Mukim Tg Kupang, Johor, Malaysia. Kelab Alami trained Youth Rangers who became local habitat experts; scientifically monitoring their natural areas and sharing their knowledge with their community and visitors in a small community tourism initiative.


Today their habitats are severely affected by coastal development and Kelab Alami has evolved into a community capacity-building program that provides skills, certification and knowledge to Kelab Alami youth and the wider community so that they can get jobs and actively participate and have a voice in the development taking place around them.

Kelab Alami’s main target now is to set up a Nature Centre & Heritage Center as a tribute to the natural heritage and cultural fishing heritage of the area that is rapidly disappearing.

Funds collected will go towards this Nature Centre & Heritage Center, as well as an education fund to allow local youth to continue studying or attain certification that will enable them to get jobs in the development around them.



Yasmin & EcoKnights are dedicated to promoting sustainable living through forums for business leaders, Knights of Nature Eco-Camps, the Kuala Lumpur Eco-Film Fest and numerous other programs and events.

EcoKnights was founded by Yasmin Rasyid and Mariam Osman in 2005 as a small collective offering urban community’s assistance in developing their own environmental initiatives.

EcoKnights’ mission is to inspire sustainable living among Malaysians!





Suzane & Tatana Roots  is a community based organization established in 2009. Our objective is to create awareness on the importance of the preservation & conservation of our cultural and natural heritage through education. Depending on where our project sites are, we work closely with the indigenous peoples in that area. Community involvement and enhancement is what we value as our bigger aim is to guide them to be the Master of their own heritage (natural and cultural heritage).


We are also the pioneer in environmental education for children age 2-6 years old where we have created a programme called the Jungle Classroom. In this classroom, Mother Nature is our roof, walls and floor.

What will they use the funds for?

Kelab Alami will use the funds to support their many initiatives, from sponsoring coaching honorariums and regional tournament participation under KA FC; to habitat documentation for local knowledge preservation and the setting up of the Kelab Alami Nature & Heritage Center; as seed funding for community skills training and entrepreneurship; and to provide honorariums to local youth who are hired to work on the various projects and programs.

EcoKnights funds will be used to support our composting programs with women in local communities. This includes free workshops & seminars with some funds channelled for the provision of composting bins and necessary composting equipment. The idea is to encourage more women in households to reduce their impact on the environment by channeling food waste for composting. This helps reduce the amount of food waste going to the rubbish bin and at the same time reducing the need for space for landfills.

Tatana Roots funds will be used for Community Enhancement Projects for the Tatana Project in Kuala Penyu, Sabah.  Specifically, they will use funds from the Buy A Book, Support A Village! program to run capacity building workshops for the Dusun Tatana womenfolk.  These workshops are important to train and provide skills, knowledge and tools for the Dusun women and enable them to create a sustainable platform to ensure they will continue to be the caretakers of their heritage.

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