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FREE STUFF for Educators!

Posted by on August 20, 2017

Connecting People & Planet

As we head into the new school year I’d like to wish everyone a GREAT year ahead!

My goals is to create a a resource bank for educators in Asia with regional examples that will help us create a new generation of Internationally Minded Students & Teachers!

To achieve that goal I’d  like to offer a few FREE resources that I hope you’ll find helpful.


If you are involved in projects related to International MindednessGlobal Issues, Global Citizenship, Action Projects, Service Learning or Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC) you might find the free guides, essays and publications useful.

For more information CLICK the links below to download FREE STUFF!

If you use any of these resources or find them helpful I’d love to know!

Action Guides:

Green Riders Action Guide– In 2012, Jamie and Kenny rode bamboo bicycles from Thailand to Bali to raise awareness for sustainability in the region.  This Curriculum & Action Guide to their documentary video series will help you introduce Global Issues in the Southeast Asian Context.

Green Paddlers Action Guide– in 2014, James, Dan, Kenny & Kerry paddled around Phuket to raise awareness for marine conservation and shine the spotlight on those making a difference for a more sustainable future.

Greenscapes for Schools– Do you have an outdoor classroom on your campus or in your community?  You should!  These case studies and how-to guide will help you get started.

Service Learning– A simple guide to help you get started planning your service project.

EOTC Planning Resources– Risk & Safety, Risk Assessments, SOP’s and other free templates!


GREEN Paddlers Logo copy

Green Paddlers In 2014 James, Dan, Kerry & Kenny paddled around Phuket, Thailand to raise awareness for marine issues in Southeast Asia.

LOGO-smallGreen Riders– The video series documenting sustainability and conservation issues from Thailand to Bali on bamboo bicycles!



As if the Earth_CoverEnvironmental education– a few samples from As if the Earth Matters.  Get outside and play!


The Greatest Loss– Exactly what are we losing with the hustle & bustle of hurried ‘progress’ towards ‘development’?

Sailing Samsara– The Greatest Loss revisited.  What are remedies and solutions to the issues explored in The Greatest Loss?

Lunchtime on the Gallatin– What is beauty & truth?  Is Nature poetic? Kenny explores these questions from an ecological perspective while trout fishing and eating sandwiches on the Gallatin River.


Jumpstart Your EOTC program–  Whether you have an existing Education Outside The Classroom program or would like to start one at your school these tips will be helpful!

Walk Between the Worlds– You cannot be a Global Citizen unless you learn to Walk Between the Worlds.

A Material World– Was Madonna right?


Pleng– Pleng is an inspiring student from Thailand you should know about!

Nathan Hunt (UWCSEA)- Nathan has plenty of cool projects going on at UWC in Singapore!  Check ’em out!

Kelab Alami– Kelab Alami is raising a generation of Youth Mangrove Forest Rangers in Malaysia.

Eco-Knights– lots of community projects happening in Kuala Lumpur and beyond!

Shei Mei– Read about the difference one person can make when they really set their mind to it.

NIST– NIST Int’l School has a rooftop garden.  That’s way cool!

Institute of Humane Education– The world becomes what we teach.

NUKLEUS Even your underwear can be sustainabile!


box People CoverAs if the Earth Matters– An instructors guide to environmental education, stewardship and service projects.

Ersatz Trilogy– A trilogy in three different genres.. all with a common theme of exploring and understanding the world we live in and share.

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