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Free Environmental Education Activities

All activities on this page are from As if the Earth Matters

by Kenny Peavy & Thom Henley

Web of Life

The Web of Life!

The Web of Life!

With The Web of Life activity students discover the connections between organisms that sustains all life on earth. With this hands-on lesson they will discover that we are all truly interdependent and rely on the web of life for our survival.Download The Web of Life

Digital Decomposition
 “Students have a natural curiosity and LOVE to go outdoors and explore; they also love computers and digital cameras. This activity allows them to enjoy both while providing an excuse to go outside often! Students learn how a forest changes over time by making multiple observations of a study plot during multiple trips.”
Download Digital Decomposition Activity (pdf)
Digital Decomposition Worksheet (pdf)
Bug Bites
“Bug Bites is an activity designed to alert students to the diversity of life and the different types of feeding strategies that insects use to obtain food. Students will sharpen their observation skills and observe insect feeding adaptations. Kids LOVE to explore and catch insects and learn about them.”
Download Bug Bites Activity (pdf)
“Save the Earth is a sport-like activity that should leave a lasting impression on all its players. You will need a large field and a ball for this game, basketball-size or bigger. A strong, inflatable Earth globe is ideal, but any large blue rubber ball can be painted (green and brown for land masses, and white for swirling clouds) to resemble the Earth as viewed from space.”
Download this activity (pdf)
Water Wasters, Water Savers
“Water Wasters/Water Savers is a simple and fun exercise designed to engage participants and lead them into frank discussions on making behavioural changes in their lives. You will need three plastic buckets for this exercise and small plastic or paper drinking cups for two-thirds of the players.”
Download this activity (pdf)

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