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GREEN Paddlers Action Guide!

pages-from-green-paddlers-curriculum-action-guide-copyIf you teach about marine conservation issues, sustainability, global citizenship or engage in service learning and community action projects you’ll want to make sure to download your FREE copy of the GREEN Paddlers Curriculum!

GREEN Paddlers are: James Forsythe, Kerry Dyke, Dan Magie & Kenny Peavy

About GREEN Paddlers:

Ten Days. Four Teachers with Kayaks and Cameras that Care about the Environment and Conservation…

We journeyed by kayak to circumnavigate Phuket, Thailand. Along the way we explored Phuket’s incredible beaches, remaining mangroves and met folks from all walks of life involved in environmental education and conservation for the protection of Thailand’s marine resources.

How to use the guide:

I’ve put together this guide to help encourage teachers, students and community members learn more about and explore regional issues related to conservation and sustainability within the context of Global Issues and Global Citizenship.

My intention is that the GREEN Paddlers videos will introduce mini-lessons and serve as a jumping off point for teachers, students and community members to:

  • Raise awareness about local issues and the communities engaged in tackling them
  • Start much needed conversations about local issues
  • Serve as an example to inspire others to take action

As you watch the videos and explore the issues you’ll come to learn that these issues do not exist singularly but instead are interrelated in a complex network of relationships.

If we want to begin to understand the complexity of all these issues and how they are intertwined we must look at them holistically and within the context of their relationship to society, economy and the environment.

Regardless of this complexity there are many simple solutions and we all have a part to play in resolving these issues our global society is facing and will continue to face in the future.

If you or your students need help getting started please invite me to your school or community as a guest speaker or visiting author!

If my wish is granted you will start planning your personal action now!