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Get outside and explore!

Get outside and explore!

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As if the Earth Matters

Is environmental education succeeding in producing an eco-aware and conscientious population, or has it flat lined?

Lavishly illustrated and packed with fun-filled outdoor educational activities, As If the Earth Matters (recommended by the National Science Teachers Association) shows how through immersing our children in the beauty of nature, we can motivate them to take an active role in conservation.

Perfect for parents, teachers, camp leaders, and nature clubs, this book reawakens a childlike joy and sense of wonder in the natural world.

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The Box People

The Box People

Book 1: The Box People

The Box People live in a very efficient and modern city. However, something seems to be missing from their daily routines and urban existence.  Join the Box People as they rediscover their connection to Nature and how to live happy, fulfilling lives immersed in the natural world instead of separated from it by all of their boxes!

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Young Homeless Professional cover

Connect with Nature!

Book Two: Young Homeless Professional

Where is home? And how do we find it?

During the summer of 2000, Kenny wanders about seeking answers to these fundamental questions while sleeping homeless in forests at night and working as a professional naturalist during the daylight hours. Along the way he meets weird characters, has bizarre conversations in the YWCO hot tub, encounters the Keepers of Beauty, plasters Athens, Georgia with free Post It Poetry and gains deep philosophical insight and inspiration from a brick mason living in his van.

Ironically, to discover where he truly belongs and find his place in the wider world he had to become a Young Homeless Professional.

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Poems inspired by sacred People and Places

Book III: Waffle House Prophets

There is a sacred place found only in the United States, at least one per interstate highway exit in many places. It is a sanctuary welcoming all walks of life and flavors of humanity.

Here we remember that everything is sacred if we choose to see.

The Waffle House Prophets are here for you when you find yourself ready.

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