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River of Words

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We’re excited to launch our new River of Words program for Southeast Asia as part of the International River of Words Art & Poetry competition!

What is River of Words SE Asia?

River of Words SE Asia is a regional branch of River of Words, an international art and poetry contest open to any student in the world, from 5 to 19 years of age, who has not yet completed high school.

Who are we?

We are a network of teachers and practitioners seeking to give students a platform for their voice and expression about watersheds.

We aim to bring together creative practitioners working with young people to help them to explore environmental, political, social and personal issues taking place in watersheds. We believe that art and poetry are as important as science and geography when it comes to appreciating a watershed area and in understanding the issues that are taking place, hopefully leading to a desire to take action to improve what is happening in the watershed.

Learn more about the coordinators of River of Words Southeast Asia.

River of Words SE Asia Workshops

Each January, River of Words SE Asia holds a two day workshop for teachers to help them get in touch with a range of issues common to watersheds, to provide the background information to inform your teaching about watersheds.

Schools may request their own on campus workshop. Contact

River of Words SE Asia Art & Poetry Competition

Each year we will host a competition open to students in SE Asia including Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

Click here to see the contest guidelines, submission deadlines and competition rules.

Learn more about original Art submission guidelines here.

Learn more about original Poetry submission guidelines here.

River of Words Organizers and Judges

The River of Words SE Asia contest is a collaboration between Earth Matters Consultancy, The Traidhos Three Generation Barge Program and the International River of Words Poetry & Art Contest.

Learn more about the River of Words SE Asia Contest Organizers and Judges by clicking here.

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