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Testimonials and References

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Kenny served as an EARCOS teacher representative for 5 years while he was a teacher at ISKL. During that time he helped with our ETC and EAC conferences in Kuala Lumpur and helped with local logistics. He was very enthusiastic and provided much needed help that made those two conferences a success.

His contributions to our ETC committee are always helpful and he has helped us become more “GREEN” in our handling of our conferences. He not only makes suggestions he is the first to volunteer to do the “leg and muscle” work.

Kenny has a huge interest, background, enthusiasm and commitment to the environment that has lead to him facilitate several EARCOS workshops at ETC and EARCOS schools.  

His workshops inspire other schools to implement environmental education, service learning and global citizenship to further their student’s knowledge about global issues and motivate them to take action.

It is always a pleasure to work with Kenny for EARCOS related workshops and conferences and I recommend him to any school or organization seeking his expertise.

Richard T. Krajczar
Executive Director

Kenny facilitates connected learning experience in a way that deepens the learning for teachers, leaders and students. It is not often that you come across an expert in learning and an expert in the field. From development to execution and follow up he has been a key partner in providing world class learning experiences for our students and faculty.

Mike Johnston
Middle School Principal
UWCSEA East  Campus

I employed Kenny to ensure that our EOTC trips had strong curriculum connections and that it was truly an educational experience that was beneficial for the students, and connected with our vision/mission. It was imperative that we moved towards a more education focused experience for our EOTC week. In addition he trained the local travel guides and conducted risk assessments. I was reassured that Kenny’s expertise, professionalism, experience and depth of knowledge would be a huge benefit to our students and staff, and guarantee a positive educational experience. I would have no hesitation in endorsing Kenny to any school that needed help with their Education Outside the Classroom.

Ms. Deidre Fischer
Interim Head of Bali International School
(November 2013-July 2014)
Bali, Indonesia

I have worked with Kenny before and have come to know him as a very dedicated, passionate and focused individual. His interests in outdoor or nature education and his approaches and dedication resonates strongly and is evident in his books, programs and network. I always look forward to working closely with Kenny.

Yasmin Rasyid
Founder and President, EcoKnights
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I met Kenny 5 years ago during an in-service he ran at my school, Phuket International Academy (PIA). Since then our relationship has grown from a strictly professional one, to a personal friendship. This is due to Kenny’s openness, warmth and strength of character.  

Over the years Kenny has led numerous successful trips for PIA, over a range of ages.  Kenny’s expertise of the outdoors has allowed a one week grade five kayaking and camping trip to grow from strength to strength as each year Kenny adds a new wrinkle.  For example one year, we discovered a small canyon along the way, hidden in the woods just out of sight form our kayaks on the open water, Kenny seized the opportunity to deliver a lesson on canyon erosion and geology.  This is now a regular part of the trip.  His vast body of knowledge as it relates to the outdoors coupled with his expertise in wilderness first aid and his strength of character make Kenny the ideal trip leader. 

He is hands on months before the departure date, working closely with staff on itinerary, risk assessment and identifying individual needs of the students to make sure the best experience can be had by all.  After the trip he is actively involved in SWOT analysis so that the next years trip is better informed.

James Forsythe
CAS Coordinator
Phuket International Academy
Phuket, Thailand

Kenny’s passionate enthusiasm and knowledgeable dedication to conservation and experiential education shines through in his discussion sessions with students. My middle school literature class studied Kenny’s “Young Homeless Professional” as part of our unit on eco-criticism, and this powerful narrative resonated with them on a number of levels, most clearly in their immediate connection to the thematic thread of finding a place of belonging, and of recalibrating your identity in a world that often turns it’s back on the environment. I (and my students) would highly recommend Kenny’s novel.

Wes Strydon
HS Associate Principal & IB Coordinator
Wells International School
Bangkok, Thailand

Reef Check Malaysia is a leading advocate for coral reef conservation. Education is an important part of our work, and we have worked on several projects with Kenny. His philosophy of bringing children into contact with their environment as an essential part of the learning experience has much in common with our own approach. We have worked with him to develop education modules for schools and on awareness events. I recommend Kenny to any organisation working in the field of environmental education.

Julian Hyde
General Manager
Reef Check Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kenny Peavy is passionate about getting people outside and excited about the environment. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge having worked with environmental education programs and as a science teacher in the international school setting. I have been pleased to work alongside him to facilitate teacher workshops including the SE Asia River of Words programme.

Lynda Rolph
Head of Community
Traidhos Three-Generation
Community for Learning
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kenny is an environmental educator who truly has a deep love and respect for our planet, and works hard to communicate that with fellow educators and young people. He is always down-to-earth and genuine, and I can always count on Kenny to share ideas and inspiration. He is constantly developing new skills, resources and methods to engage people with things that truly matter in education: learning to love and protect the planet and other people.

Teresa Tung
Deputy Head of Curriculum, Secondary (MYP)
NIST Int’l School
Bangkok, Thailand

I have had the pleasure of working with Kenny on two separate occasions, a week-end workshop and a 5-day outdoor education trip.  Kenny’s experience, passion, and understanding about promoting environmental awareness and educating students in the field has been nothing less than excellent.  When Kenny teaches, his presence and dedication to environmental education is quickly noticed by students and teachers alike and he is able to pass on his vast knowledge with ease and excitement.

Jalal Tarazi
Environmental Science and Biology Teacher
Phuket International Academy
Phuket, Thailand

Kenny has been an inspiration and our nature guru. His passion on sustainability and experiential learning has truly touched hearts of students, teachers and faculty in re-thinking our way of life and reconnecting with nature. Through many of his workshops, in-class and book
reading sessions, he ignited passion and inspired students who are currently initiating their own student-led experiential expeditions for a cause, combining service and experiential learning. As an educator who shares his passion and philosophy, it is my honor and pleasure to have Kenny’s support and advice on numerous ideas and projects. Kenny is always welcome in our Wells community and we look forward to more exciting collaboration and adventures with him!

Cindy Chen
CAS Coordinator
HS Associate Principal
Wells International School
Bangkok, Thailand

I have had the pleasure of working with Kenny Peavy for many years, starting back in 2002 with a trip to southern Thailand jointly set up by the International School of Kuala Lumpur and Mont Kiara International School. The trip was an outdoor education trip through southern Thailand and I remember being impressed with Kenny’s ability to work so well with everyone. Obviously the outdoors is his element and it doesn’t take long to see his passion for natural surroundings and his knowledge of how ecosystems work.

Since then Kenny and I have had the pleasure of working together (as colleagues at the International School of Kuala Lumpur) and collaboratively now that he has ventured forth as an independent consultant and trip leader. I would have no doubts in asking Kenny to lead trips, to be a visiting speaker (he has, in fact, been a visiting author at ISKL’s elementary school with his book “The Box People”.

Kenny is easy going but ensures that his work is done well. He works wonderfully in the outdoors and has a very approachable demeanor which makes it very easy for kids to learn powerful environmental lessons through him.

Kenny has also been very good about providing a variety of services to schools and groups. He is an able trip leader, an excellent speaker and a very good writer as well.  All in all, Kenny is a pretty fantastic resource for all things environmental, has a very good working knowledge of international schools, and is able to mesh these things together in a powerful experiential learning package!

Laurence Myers
Sustainability & Service Learning Coordinator
International School of Kuala Lumpur

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