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SPOTLIGHT on EcoKnights!

Posted by on October 17, 2016



Founded by Yasmin Rasyid and Mariam Osman, EcoKnights started its journey as a small collective offering urban community’s assistance in developing their own environmental initiatives.



Fast forward to 11 years later, EcoKnights is now a non-profit NGO, spearheading Malaysia’s environmental movement, serving the community through development-led interventions from education and awareness programs to research; and public participation programs to consultation.

With a team of dedicated staff and energetic interns from different kinds of backgrounds, EcoKnights’ mission is to inspire sustainable living among Malaysians through:

  1. Providing platforms where activities on sustainability can be shared with the masses;
  2. Youth development programmes;
  3. Publication and documentation of environment-related materials;
  4. Capacity building in areas of community engagement and environmental education; and
  5. Smart partnerships with corporate and government agencies in developing effective engagement programmes on sustainability with the general public.

It is a norm to have the bunch being occupied with their annual major programmes – Green Awards Malaysia (or better known as Anugerah Hijau Malaysia), Knights of Nature (KON) Sustainability Camp and Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF); besides partnership programmes and participating in community workshops, exhibitions, forums and press conferences.

anugerah-hijau-winnersAnugerah Hijau Malaysia

Anugerah Hijau Malaysia is one of the best environmental programmes in the country as it engages youth from high schools to university to address local environmental problems.


With different categories such as Green Music, Green Fashion, Green Space, Green Innovation and Green School, this contest allows the participants to experience an enriching green journey as they learn more than just theories through Anugerah Hijau workshop and the process to come up with finished products.

Knights of Nature (KON) Sustainability Camp

knights-of-natureKnights of Nature (KON) Sustainability Camp is an inspiring and action packed camp specially designed for youths with passionate hearts for Mother Nature.

It is not only an exclusive learning experience with our current elite Knights but also an opportunity to build close friendship and have some crazy amount of fun!


The curriculum for “Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp” has been developed with a vision of delivering a 3 days 2 nights camp for youths between the ages of 15 and 23. The goal of the camp is to increase youth knowledge and awareness about the global ecological crisis, with the hope that this increased awareness will help moderate the behavior of future generations and inspire political action for positive environmental and social change.

With fun and challenging outdoor activities such as hands-on field explorations related to energy, sustainable agriculture and green architecture; amazing workshops with industrial experts in sustainability; and recreational opportunities throughout beautiful Hulu Langat upper stream ecosystem, the KON participants not only be able to promote sustainable actions in life but also develop positives qualities like teamwork, leadership, time management and problem solving skills.

Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF)

kleff-2The KL Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) is a home grown not-for-profit festival with a focus on environmental issues. In the last 9 years, the team has been consistently engaging the Malaysian public on latest issues and solutions pertaining to the environment, with the hope that the festival can help raise the level of eco consciousness of the nation, and thus, serves as a stimulus for the public to demand for more sustainable changes in the country.

Since its inception, KLEFF has received over 900 films from all around the world including our fellow Malaysians, of which over 430 were showcased at over 100 venues and covered vast aspects of the environment issues. Not forgetting to mention the support the team has been getting throughout the years from more than 100 talented musicians and cultural performances, 40 community talks and workshops from inspiring figures, and reaches out to 70,000 beneficiaries (and still counting!).


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