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SPOTLIGHT on She Mei- Inspiration for Earth Matters!

Posted by on October 15, 2015

she meiI first met She Mei at the Kuala Lumpur Eco-Film Festival a few years back when I was showing a screening of some of our GREEN Riders videos.

After the workshop She Mei talked to me about how the videos were inspirational.  Little did she know that she would become and inspiration for Earth Matters and tons of other folks that have been involved in her projects!

Below is her story with the invaluable reminder: follow your bliss and doors will open that you could not even perceive would be there.

THANKS for all your work and dedication to the environment She Mei!  Keep it up!

When I was 15 years old, I recalled being asked about my ambition and the reply had always been just a pathetic shrug.

Often times, I wished I could confidently tell people….

“I want to be an environmentalist. I want to save the trees and get everyone to practice recycling!”

However, this voice remained rooted because in a society full of cynics and skeptics, an environmentalist is not deemed a profession, but rather a faux pas. Friends and family condemned my idea of pursuing this as a career because there was no job opportunity or prospects in Malaysia.

With the constant discouragement, I began to eradicate the thought of being an environmentalist.

Should I be a doctor? A pharmacist? An engineer? Or perhaps a dietician since I am interested on food nutrition?”

I asked myself again and again but none of these felt right for me.

I want to be an environmentalist.”

This voice emerged again which made me realize that this was the answer that I had denied all this while.

At the age of 19, I decided to be firm with my dream to be an environmentalist despite all adversity. I remembered vividly the feeling of loneliness, anxiety and fear while going against the tide. But once I sailed my way through, I never wanted to look back. I immediately felt free, positive and most importantly, empowered because I was literally living my dream.

Needless to say, this is how my green journey begins.

I was officially a student under a Bachelor Degree program called Environmental Science and Management from 2011 to 2015 and throughout my university time, I was flabbergasted to meet ton of other passionate environmentalists be it my course mates, seniors, lecturers or other campus members.

As an environmental student, fellow course mates and I unanimously thought that our learning should not just stop in lecture halls. Instead we collectively wanted to influence other campus members to protect Mother Nature as well. As a team, we were united to organise various campaigns and eco-event to engage with others.

Our first campaign was an E-waste Collection Day in which we had managed to provide a solution for campus members to dispose e-waste such as pendaflour lights, batteries, cellphones, laptops and many more.


We also played our role to reduce our carbon footprint by planting trees!


The biggest event that we organized was the Eco-explorace. It was basically a treasure hunt challenge with environment as the theme. The reason being that we held this event was mainly to promote environmental learning in a fun way.


Now that I have stepped out from my university days, the biggest treasure that I have obtained is identity.

Once you have found your identity, do not deny it, but empower it. Live as your true self and things will then fall into place naturally.

And who say there is no job prospect in Malaysia? I am now working full time as a consultant for Climate Change and Sustainability in KPMG, Malaysia.

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