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Planting Mangroves in Thailand

Planting Mangroves in Thailand

When I was a kid growing up in the 1970’s there were about 3 billion people on the planet.  That number has more than doubled to over 7 billion folks living on Earth today.  

We all need access to basic resources such as clean air, potable water, arable land and healthy food but our exponential growth is putting incredible pressure on Earth’s ecosystems and life support systems.


How we manage our growth and demand on these resources will determine the fate of our planet and future generations
ability to live a comfortable life on Earth.  So, how do we live sustainable lives to guarantee healthy ecosystems for the future?

That’s a question are struggling with today and will continue to ponder for the foreseeable future.

For me the answer lies in educating ourselves about the natural world, learning how Earth’s ecosystems work and taking action for sustainability.

Currently, I am working with locals in Sumatra Indonesia to replant rainforests in Orang Utan habitat, restoring mangroves in Thailand and sponsoring the education of inner city street kids in Bangkok, Thailand.

To fund these projects and bring awareness to our need to connect to the Natural World I recently published The Box People, an illustrated children’s book that reminds us of our need to get outside and enjoy Nature!  I’ll use a portion of the proceeds from sales of The Box People to support projects in local communities in Southeast Asia.

I’ve also initiated several projects to raise awareness for conservation and sustainability in Southeast Asia such as Rockin’ 4 the Environment, GREEN Riders and GREEN Paddlers.

Hopefully, these examples will inspire you to use your talents, skills and interests to take action for a sustainable future!

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