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The Ersatz Trilogy!

Posted by on December 13, 2015

The Ersatz Trilogy- a trilogy in three different genres


  1. (of a product) made or used as a substitute, typically an inferior one, for something else.
    “ersatz coffee”
    * not real or genuine.

We’re often told to follow our dreams.  Find our passions.  Carpe Diem. Live every day like it’s our last day.  No excuses.  Just do it and all that.

And I do indeed believe that’s true and good advice to be followed albeit much easier said than done.

So how many of you have ever dreamed of publishing a book?  Writing down your story, your ideas, your dreams and visions and publishing them for the world to see?

I bet ya have… we all have a story to tell and many, if not most of us, yearn to share that story with others.

Nowadays it’s easier to publish than ever before and accessible to anyone with a laptop and Internet connection.

So in the spirit of Carpe Diem, Just Do It and all that I now share with you The Ersatz Trilogy!

Make sure to check ’em all out… learn more about my publications, downloads free samples and find out how to purchase eBook or printed versions!

Perfect reading for the holidays!

Also check out my visiting author page if you’d like me to visit your school or community to share my books!

box People Cover



Book One: The Box People–  An illustrated Children’e book with the message to get outside and explore Nature!




Young Homeless Professional cover




Book II: Young Homeless ProfessionalA short novel about a time I was homeless in the woods of Georgia, USA but during the daytime working as a professional Naturalist and all the adventure, strange encounters and revelations that transpired during that time in my life.







Book 3: Waffle House ProphetsA book of poetry about the sacred people and places you are likely to encounter at the Waffle House between the mystical hours of 2 am – 5 am.  The ecotone of time when the various secular niches of the patrons collide with the sacred.




Get outside and explore!




And don’t forget the National Science Teacher’s Association Recommended As if the Earth Matters!  An activity guide for parents, educators and community member meant to get you outside exploring Nature and taking action for a sustainable future!





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