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Wilderness First Aid in Sumatra, Indonesia

Posted by on February 8, 2014
Assessing the patient!

Assessing the patient!

I haven’t been nervous about teaching a in a good long while.  But last night I woke up thinking about wrapping ankles, improvising splints and immobilizing C-Spine for victims of major trauma.

This morning it all kicked into gear as soon as we started with scene safety and patient assessment.   After that it rolled smoothly from there.

It’s been a superb first day of teaching Wilderness First Aid to 2-Thai and 9-Indonesian adventure and environmental education guides!


Object embedded in the abdomen

Object embedded in abdomen

Learning theory, knowledge and practicing skills in an outdoor setting is as good as it gets in education in my experience and opinion.  Wilderness First Aid skills are something I think everyone should know and learn… it’s practical… it’s useful… it’s real life.

And having the gorgeous volcanic backdrop of Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia does not hurt either!

Hopefully you feel the same and you’ll contact me about how to learn Wilderness First Aid yourself!


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