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Posted by on July 11, 2014


You are here!

About 13.8 billion years ago the Universe was born. A mere 9.3 billion years later the forces of the Universe conspired in collaborative creation and planet Earth popped from the dark loins of stellar fertility.

One of the products is you! You made it!

You are here now! Congratulations!

That very same process is still ongoing in a never-ending cosmic dance of creative trial and error.  The results are infinite!

So now, 4.5 billion years after the cosmic creative forces dared perform the Planetary Polka we stand at the crossroads of physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology and geology!

All of the arts, sciences, philosophies and humanities are here with us to inform us and help us to realize this simple fact:  We are part of infinity.

It is so vast that we can barely begin to imagine how to think about it and how it works. Not only is the Universe mind-bogglingly complex, so are you!

You are a living, walking organic ecosystem home to at least 40 trillion cells all living and working in symbiotic harmony.

And the clincher is that at least half of those cells are not even yours!

Bacteria, fungi and viruses of endless variety inhabit the body you think is yours.  But it’s not. Not really. It is a system dependent on all the synergistic relationships found within.

That is truly who you are. You are not yourself. You are a collection of all these things.

Not only that but you are in constant flux. Changing all the time. Who you were yesterday is not who you are today.  It’s not who you will be tomorrow.

New bacteria are introduced constantly and your body ecosystem adapts and changes with the introduction of those new foreign invaders.

Your skin changes every 27 days. Your liver regenerates every few months. Millions of your blood cells are dying and are regenerated every second.  The flora and fauna that constitute you are ever changing and doing what systems do best-  evolving, changing and adapting.

You literally are becoming a new you all the time!

I find this awe-inspiring. We are infinite beings living in an infinite Universe.

Consider yourself lucky. Very few people realize this. Carry it with you and let it guide you.

A sense of wonder and curiosity about this place we call home is our best mentor and guide.

We cannot begin to fathom the Universe we live in but we can stand in awe and deep respect for what has brought us here to this point in time.

Now that you know this go outside and explore the infinite world we live in and deepen your sense of respect and admiration, astonishment and reverence for yourself and who you are and the Universe you somehow stumbled upon!

Do this because you are a part of it!

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