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SPOTLIGHT on NIST- Rooftop Garden

Posted by on August 22, 2014

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If this story makes you want to get out and create a garden or Greenscape on your campus make sure to check out these free resources and case studies:  Greenscapes for Schools


I first found out about the GreeNIST Rooftop garden from Teresa my good friend and infinitely energized Service Learning Coordinator at NIST International School.

This is what her e-mail proudly displayed!

GreeNIST @theRooftop is proud to announce that we have reached a major goal. 

Today’s Thai meal in the cafeteria will contain morning glory from our very own rooftop! Yeah!

Fresh, organic, no transport costs or energy used.

Garden on a rooftop in Bangkok!

Garden on a rooftop in Bangkok!

 Grown by students for the NIST community!

Since I first heard about their rooftop garden I’ve met Philip, one of the main teacher advisors for the project and gotten a bit more of the story and learned that they’ve even been featured on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Website!

Morning glory!

Morning glory!

Through community involvement and participation the garden became a reality.

Students and staff were involved right from the beginning and  everyone was excited about the potential for a school in a farm/garden as it could offer lots of learning opportunities and improve the well being of the community.

However, it wasn’t always easy.  

They had many failures due to the intense Bangkok heat, but they persevered and now they boast a huge variety of edibles on the roof including varieties of eggplant, pumpkins, basil, mint, spring onions, morning glory, kale, amaranth, chillies,lemon grass, gourds, okra, yard long beans, winged beans, lime, rose apple, mango, papaya, cocoa, tomatoes.

The garden is organic and the students do not use chemicals.

We compost cuttings from the canteen

Compost is the way to go!

Their main ingredients to success: soil, manure, homemade compost, mulched leaves collected from the school campus, harvested rainwater and tons of hard work and sweat!

Community produce sales!

Community produce sales!

The garden is now productive enough for some of their produce to be featured in healthy school lunches and sales to the community!

The learning opportunities have been almost limitless and students jumped at the opportunity to make their campus greener!   They hope to pass on knowledge to other schools and inspire them to create their own rooftop garden.

They have definitely shown that it is possible to grow your own sustainable food supply in the city, reducing food miles and improving your diet at the same time!

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