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Young Homeless Professional- Book II of the Ersatz Trilogy

Posted by on August 19, 2014

I am extremely excited to announce the publication of my next book Young Homeless Professional!

The short novel describes a time in my life when I lived homeless in the forests of Athens, Georgia, USA and slept in the woods at night while working as a professional Naturalist during the day.

While searching for my place in the world and where I truly belonged I discovered what it really means to feel At Home in the World.  Along the way, I met strange characters, had incredible adventures and gained philosophical insight into life and how to live it.

More information on how to get the printed or eBook version coming soon!

Young Homeless Professional coverWhere is home?  And how do we find it?

During the summer of 2000, Kenny wanders about seeking answers to these fundamental questions while sleeping homeless in forests at night and working as a professional naturalist during the daylight hours.

Along the way he meets weird characters, has bizarre conversations in the YWCO hot tub, encounters the Keepers of Beauty, plasters Athens, Georgia with free Post It Poetry and gains deep philosophical insight and inspiration from a brick mason living in his van.

Ironically, to discover where he truly belongs and find his place in the wider world he had to become a Young Homeless Professional.


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